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A promenade theatre experience highlighting a series of performance art and activation that celebrates energies of femininity, masculinity, Spirituality and sexuality developed over a 3-night workshop for our artists to have a creative space to explore and share!

This show is an exploration where the Gi'nals cultivate the autonomy over our bodies, stories and experiences. To channel our power, to summon those that have paved the way before us and to carry that legacy to empower those that find refuge in our art.

Creative Director Jaycee Tanuvasa, mother of international house, House of IMAN, Collaborates with Choreographers Heidi Chen, Lyncia Muller, Hope Presscott Faletau to bring you live dance works to the Mangere arts centre with guest Poet Moe Laga - Mother of Coven Aucoin.

There are three sessions - 8pm / 8:45pm / 9:20pm
We will have DJ in the courtyard to finish.

Produced by Ella Mizrahi & Leah Pao


April 23, 2023
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